Thank you for celebrating the Power of Hugs with Us!

We wanted to take this moment to THANK all of you who have lent us your heart, good wishes, energy and resources to bring together an amazing event full of LOVE, PEACE and JOY! Through the continued pursuit of happiness we truly believe we can change our world one HUG at a time. Thank you to all those in attendance both in person and online. If you missed us this year, you’ll be glad to know that if you are reading this, you’ll be updated automatically when we’re planning our next celebration of Hugs! Thank you again to Huggies for bringing the “power of hugs” to all of us and to all of our supporting sponsors for making this National Hugging Day one for the history books! We couldn’t have done it without you!

Big Hugs!

The Hug Alliance

Enjoy These Virtual Hugs...Click Images to Redeem