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There's No "I" in TEAM

We Are All About Collective Collaboration

As a collaborative agency we are selective as to who we work with to maintain the integrity and authenticity of the collective intention and vision of our client partners. Our desire is to support those who truly empower, evolve and enlighten humanity through positive messages of love, light and social consciousness. This means that fear is not a frequency we allow into our sphere of influence, and we consider ourselves watchdogs to some degree to ensure those seeking true self-realization and empowerment are finding the best the world currently has to offer. We also are passionate about the non-profit foundations and conscious companies we align with to expand their reach. For us it’s not just about the money, it’s about working with those who truly want to make a difference and leave a legacy of light upon our beautiful planet and all we call life.

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About Our Founder


Everything that Zenpire is about is bringing together talent from all over the world and funneling them into your vision effortlessly. Our Chief Elevation Officer, Stephanie Lodge, is known for her innate creative vision empowered by years of study in conscious transformation, fueled by a passion to understand collective consciousness as a whole. As a transformational leader and speaker, she is a highly sought-after intuitive healer and mystic, but currently applies her unique skills to advising those in conscious media and beyond. She personally manages her outsourced talent pool to bring out their best work, ensuring that everything we deliver as an agency is exactly what our clients envision.