As a collaborative agency we are selective as to who we work with to maintain the integrity and authenticity of the collective intention and vision of our client partners. Our desire is to support those who truly empower, evolve and enlighten humanity through positive messages of love, light and social consciousness. This means that fear is not a frequency we allow into our sphere of influence, and we consider ourselves watchdogs to some degree to ensure those seeking true self-realization and empowerment are finding the best the world currently has to offer. We also are passionate about the non-profit foundations and conscious companies we align with to expand their reach. For us it’s not just about the money, it’s about working with those who truly want to make a difference and leave a legacy of light upon our beautiful planet and all we call life.


Currently ZENPIRE is aligned with VORTEX IMMERSION MEDIA as an immersive content partner specializing in dome experiences and resident projects in large 360 domes. Our focus is transformational productions merging our various cultural creatives, experts and speakers.


We are currently developing a mobile app called MIND DIVE, with  a sound immersive healing experience for VR and dome communities with our client-partner, Michel Pascal. As a leading transformational vocalist and composer, Michel Pascal is bringing many of his friends together for this project, including Earth, Wind & Fire’s Myron McKinley, Humanitarian Gabriella Wright and many more! Catch a sneak peek of the dome concert above, which hopes to tour by 2019. We are currently inviting sponsors and investors to contact us for more information on how they can be involved in either/both the MIND DIVE app and dome experience.

Our ZENtalks platform premiered at the Vortex Dome Los Angeles at Los Angeles Center Studios in April. We had the renowned science professor from the University of Arizona, Dr. Gary Schwartz, who spoke on the importance of immersive domes in elevating consciousness. He was joined by Ed Lantz, an expert in both planetarium and dome technology as the founder and president of Vortex Immersion Media. Mark Laisure, a leading technology strategist, new CEO of Vortex and co-founder of The Life Changes Network also added his angle on how immersion media is changing the shape of conscious media. ZENPIRE’s founder and CEO, Stephanie Lodge, moderated.


Zenpire Media was designed to be an engine of empowerment for those in the transformational body-mind-spirit space, as well as other conscious evolutionary segments of personal development. This means we do the work of elevating people and their purpose into the mainstream so they can focus on what they actually do as authors, healers, teachers and visionaries. We also assist brands, products and service-oriented companies to find their audience through complete media platform development.

The key here is we have everything under one roof, so there is a cohesive vision and collective collaboration that streamlines communication and execution like no other firm out there. Sure, you can go to one person for public relations, another for social media management and another for your book launch, but when its three separate companies it can get messy to keep timelines alone in order. Now you have one call to make and you can trust that all works together seamlessly with efficiency, allowing you to just be you.

Some Differentiators


We work with the leading-edge in transformational media that is both conscious and technologically advanced, including the immersive dome technologies that are just now beginning to rise in popularity. As a partner of Vortex Immersion Media, we can produce whole experiences that are visceral, memorable and unique. Our multimedia production partners can handle anything and everything to make your audio-visual dreams a reality. If you need to create a truly unique launch event that requires full production, we can hook that up too. All is possible when you work with us to make your vision a reality.


Our Chief Elevation Officer and Founder, Stephanie Lodge, is considered a modern day mystic by many, but more importantly she’s here to awaken others to know the same for themselves. Her ability to know the pitfalls in advance, see the vision ten steps down the road and more importantly feel the frequency of the players on the field, allows her to assist in creating the strongest collaborative ventures possible. She is hired as a “secret weapon of mass construction” by those “in the know” in order to level up their mission to assist the masses. That said, if you’re currently reading this, now you’re “in the know” for a reason. 


Your website is your multimedia business card and platform to reach millions of people every day. It represents who you are at the basic level and it needs to be appealing, engaging, but most importantly functional and seen by many. This means SEO and social media drivers are essential to best optimize your platform for the highest level of traffic, where people can actually find you. It is irrelevant how great your message or product is if no one can find it. There are many fundamentals that go into creating a solid internet platform, let us explain them better to you and find the solution that best fits your budget and needs.


We are all online marketers whether we know it or not. Every Facebook post, every Tweet, every blog entry and YouTube video is marketing who we are and what we represent to the world. We are brands practically from birth. Some people have nothing of importance to share other than their favorite lipstick color and have an audience of millions. Others have keys to extraordinary solutions for life, and they struggle to rise above the mainstream static to reach even a handful of people. What we do is empower leaders to elevate their platform and get seen, heard and followed…so that they become more than just leaders, they become evolutionaries.


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…they all equal hours of maintenance and there’s a method to their madness to have them work for you versus against you. It all can become extremely energetically draining and we don’t want you to lose steam or sparkle in your journey to radiating your brilliance! ZENPIRE will work with you to set up the best strategy to facilitate the how and what on building your presence and assist in designing and scheduling posts, memes and the rest so you can move into more in-lightening pursuits.


Partners, Clients and Allies

Who we work with is a selective few. Those companies, brands and individuals that are here to leave a legacy of light for others to follow. We not only consult, we collaborate and serve as an agency of strategic partnership between like-minded geniuses whenever possible. We believe through collective collaboration we all win.

  • You can’t expect to just write and have visitors come to you – that’s too passive.

    Anita Campbell
  • Every life is a platform.

    Marianne Williamson



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